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On Friday 3/4, I resigned from my current job as IT Systems Architect/Team Lead for our Systems and Messaging group. It was one of the more difficult decisions I’ve made in my ~12 year IT career. It’s hard to leave a company who has treated you well. In 4.5 years with them, I’ve been promoted twice, given additional responsibilities, and selected for unique and challenging projects. Weighing this decision literally took a physical toll on me while I hashed it out and waited to provide my resignation. I’ve accomplished a lot and have much to be proud of and hope to continue that success on my future projects. Looking forward…. I’m heading to a Cloud! Service provider and will be on their Exchange Team, implementing and supporting both shared and dedicated platforms including their mobility offerings. This in itself is exciting as I’ve been working with MS Mail/Exchange since I started in IT. I also hope to help this company productize Lync Server 2010 as well. I’m excited as this new role will force me to obtain those certifications I wanted to pursue in 2011. Oh yeah, my new job is 100% work from home. I’m pretty excited about that too.

I get to meet my new team in a next week.