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I recently picked up a new Macbook Pro and I’m going through the learning curve of how to do things on a Mac when all I’ve really known has been Windows.  I’m a huge Windows shortcut key user and trying to wrap my mind and 20 years of muscle memory of Windows shortcuts has been…challenging.   I’m a heavy Google Chrome user and after I got it up and running on the mac, I noticed the shortcuts are mostly the same, however there was one that I couldn’t figure out.  Refresh aka F5.  Turns out it’s something you have to create on your own.

Here are the steps to make it happen easily.

1. Open “System Preferences”
2. Click the “Keyboard” icon
3. Select “Shortcuts” tab
4. Select “App Shortcuts”
5. Hit the “+” button
6. In the pop-up select “Google Chrome” as the Application
7. Type in “Reload This Page” in the Menu Title field
8. Click inside the “Keyboard Shortcut” field and hit FN + F5 key


You should be all set now.


UPDATE:  A friend pointed out that Command+Shift+R will initiate a Refresh in Google Chrome.

I’m a total noob with Mac at the moment.